USB Pole Dancer
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The USB Pole Dancer will perform to her own built-in dance music or connect your IPOD / MP3 player. She will dance to your favorite tunes, all the while moving to the beat of the song!! Watch in enjoyment as the sexy USB Pole Dancer spins around the pole, moving up and down. The USB Pole Dancer is the perfect gift for the person who always wanted to have their own private dancer but never had the means. The USB Pole Dancer is powered directly from the USB port on your PC or Mac and will entertain day or night. No batteries or software required. Three multi-colored disco lights in the base unit serve to recreate an authentic nightclub atmosphere. The USB Pole Dancer is the perfect gift for a friend in the office, a bachelor's party gag or the gadget loving guy.

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USB Pole Dancer - Last new one in the world

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