N-ICE Beer Pong Ice Rack (including shipping)
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Everyone loves a perfect rack, and here's your chance to have your very own! The Ice Rack beer pong rack and cooler not only gives you the perfect rack every time, but it keeps your beer cold during play. Never get stuck with warm swill again. Simply fill the Ice Rack with water freeze, and enjoy a perfectly racked, ice cold game of beer pong. The racks hold the cups in place to prevent spillage and perfectly place cups. The rack itself is quite useful, but when you can have it keep your beer cold on top of that it's definitely key! Package includes 2 Ice Racks, 3 balls, and official rules. Guaranteed to be the coolest item at the beer pong table. Many have purchased two sets for those extra-long and extra-hot days!
  • Item #: DS N-Ice Rack

N-ICE Beer Pong Ice Rack (including shipping)

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