Dream Cheeky USB Thunder Missile Launcher
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The USB Missile Launcher has been completely re-engineered to deliver the extra power needed to hit the furthest corners of the office… or HR’s hangout where they frequently discuss your possible termination. Easy mouse and keyboard control, four foam missiles, 25’ range (with purchase of the new Ballistic Missiles) and 4’ of USB cable. Contains 4 foam missiles and a target Powered by USB with 4' cable Software with optional sound effects and left, right, up and down control capabilities SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Windows 7/ Vista / XP SP2 or later One available USB 2.0 Port 50 MB Available Harddisk space VGA or Higher Resolution Monitor Sound Card Software for Mac available soon PACKAGE SIZE: 11.43 x 20.37 x 14.61 cm PRODUCT SIZE: 12.8 x 9 x 9 cm

  • Item #: Thunder Missile Launcher

Dream Cheeky USB Thunder Missile Launcher

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