Aussie Tackle Braid to Mono Swivel
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Aussie Tackle's 'Knot Lock' Braid to Mono Swivel is the World's 1st Braid to Monofilament Swivel allows a fast, strong and easy connection to any braided fishing line. The technology behind braided lines continues to improve and give anglers better performing lines all the time. The one thing that hasn't changed is that it can still be a hassle to join braided line to a mono or fluorocarbon leader. Not anymore. This patented new design will allow you join your braid to your leader in seconds and adds the benefit of a 100% secure connection. This connection will work with any braided line, fused line or superline and also works with any type of mono or fluorocarbon.
  • Item #: Braid to Mono Swivel
  • Manufacturer: Australian Tackle Company

Aussie Tackle Knot Lock Braid to Mono Swivel

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